We are all about adventures. About seeing the world and not just looking at it through pictures and videos, but living and experiencing it. It can be wonderful, life changing, sad, and tragic all at once. This site is dedicated to telling these complex stories, simple as that.

What you're seeing now is most certainly a work in progress. It's a tiny team, but soon, you'll be reading voices from all around the world, and we think you're going to enjoy it.

Stay tuned.


Nick Rogen
Email: nickrogen@gmail.com

I am first and foremost an adventurer and optimistic consumer of all things life. I like the wildness and freedom of the open road, but I like family and friends and stability as well. I haven't quite found a balance yet, to be honest. I live between these two worlds colliding and, well, it's a beautiful mess of a life, that's for sure. Send me anything. Well, uh, not anything. But you know the drill.

Lizbett B.
Email: Lizbettb@gmail.com

Getting my PhD in Gender Studies. Artist, educator, and world changer. From the 206. Pick up sticks. Creating and illuminating.

Email: am.rosie@gmail.com

My life is made up of quotes...life lessons in short phrases. I love music and the arts--I feel they are the unafraid expressions of a personal spirit. I'm am an INTJ flirting with an INFJ and it's sometimes confusing to understand a robot's feelings. I listen more than I speak and I have a habit of always thinking. There is this thing, in the middle of the night, called magic hour. The world makes absolute sense for an hour or two...and then I go back to bed.

Dude is lazy and needs to add something here. Seriously. Come on now.

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