Sunday, June 28, 2015

"Help me help you!"

I'm going to be short and sweet here.

I have big, gigantic, impossible dreams for this blog. 

I want it to be oh so much more. As of right now, it gets about a 1,000ish hits a month. Give or take. But I want more.

I want it to be a hub (key word) for adventurers and travelers to tell their stories. Too many travel blogs are just a single person with a single voice. I want to change that.

So, I need collaborators. I need travelers to tell their stories and join me in making this much more than just my own opinion and thoughts and ramblings.

It's pretty simple to be a collaborator, you must:

1) Love travel and the adventures, both good and bad, that it brings.
2) Be able to write about said travels.
3) The writings can be anything travel related, to the practical (how to navigate Indian trains, for example [oh what a crazy fun nightmare that is]), to the funny (getting locked in a toilet), to the heartfelt (how travel changes you forever). It just needs to be real and passionate. Ok, and humor is pretty much a must as well. Boring pieces are not fun to write and they certainly are not fun to read.
4) No dogmatic writing. The point of travel is that it opens the world to you. Writing should be just as open as the world is.
5) The world can be cruel. It is cruel. But a positive voice is so much stronger than a negative one. Optimism is key.
6) You should like to write. Yeah, that's probably pretty important, too.

That's it. So if you're reading this and you travel (And I mean, anywhere. Doesn't matter if you live in Seattle and travel to see what San Francisco is like, or you live in Bangkok and travel up to Chiang Mai to check out the Yi Peng Festival), join me. Write about it and post it here with me. No minimum posts or any such nonsense. Post when you want.

Because I'm planning big. I want this website to become a hub of writing from people from all walks of life, unified by travel. I want it, in the future, to have forums and the whole nine yards. I want it to be a place for voices from just about everywhere in a much larger language array than just English! And, totally serious, I want make actual money for myself and the contributors sooner or later (haha, we'll see if that pipe dream comes true).

I want it all. I want to share the world. And now, with you as a collaborator, we can share the world.

How about it?

If you're interested, please, please, please reach out to me any way possible.

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WhatsApp - +27-79-286-1880
Text - 1-253-228-3589